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Online Pizza ordering and pizza store management software

Pizza booking software is a web-based application that allows clients to order Pizzas for delivery or pick up from your website. As growing number of customers are using online food ordering systems to order food, Pizzasw software helps the business to transform their Pizza store to an online ordering and delivery business. The software is capable of taking orders online and processing the orders in the kitchen.


Set your pizza shop up with a customised online ordering platform and drive online sales. Take orders, manage payments, pick-up and delivery for Pizza orders using a powerful user-friendly frontend.

User centric design

Pizza software has a user centric online system for ordering pizza and customised pizza with visual configurator. Our software design helps the customers to navigate and order pizzas with ease. The software backend is also a user-friendly design for chefs and admin staff to process the orders.


Create your own pizzas, add combos and complex promotion coupons or create customised pizzas using the dynamics menu in Pizzasw. Pizzasw is designed for your Pizza shops to manage your single or multiple pizza stores.

Pizzasw Ordering system
How it works

Pizzasw online ordering software is easy to use and customizable software system that can be accessed from anywhere anytime using a web interface. Increase your Pizza store ordering and operational efficiency. Incoming orders are sent directly to kitchen for order preparation and can be viewed in the kitchen screen to process orders.

Chef can open multiple order details in the screen to start processing the orders, once the order is complete the admin and the driver gets intimation that the product is ready for pickup or delivery.

  • Multiple branch of stores under a main store
  • Separate dashboard for admin and its sub stores
  • Admin can create multiple stores and can view their orders
  • Individual store can manage their order and can process it
  • Setup for pizza customizations with multiple toppings for customized orders
  • Chef can view multiple order details at a time on a single screen
  • Promotional code
  • Customer login where they can visit their profile and view their recent orders

Pizzasw Software
Key Features

Half and half

Ingredient type


Fully responsive

Easy to use

Image-based menus


Promo Code

Customise your order

Delivery & Pickup based on locations

Software has functions to manage delivery and pickup based on the pizza store locations. Pickup or delivery functions include advanced features to manage the orders.

Multistore and branches

You have the option of managing orders for multiple stores under the same brand with the same menu. Ideal for pizza brands which was multiple location in the same city.

Pizzasw helps you improve your operations, grow revenue, and get more business insight.

Optimise your Pizza store business

  • Increase your orders with a user-friendly online Pizza ordering
  • Organise your kitchen and delivery
  • Your entire operation
  • Boost your revenue

Excellent restaurant benefits

  • Save Time - Quick to set up
  • Easy to use frontend for users
  • Hassle-free learning - easy staff training and operation
  • User centric design - Easily manage orders and operations
  • Manage addons and upsell your orders
  • Manage kitchen operations
  • Streamlined Operation - Manage Orders efficiently
  • Easy to use back-end with order and store management
  • Unlimited Categories, Products, Modifiers and Add-ons
  • Easily access your sales and reports
  • Multistore features to help your Pizza Shop grow

All-in-one Pizza store management software

Unlimited orders & category

Pizzasw helps you improve your operations, grow revenue, and get more business insight.
No extra installation or hardware required.
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Manage your orders in kitchen

Pizzasw is an integrated solution for managing and processing online orders. The system is integrated with Kitchen management module to manage online orders. Chefs can view multiple orders in the same screen in order view to help them with the cooking process, once the cooking is completed it will give message to the admin or delivery that the product is ready for pickup


Manage categories and Menu

Pizzasw come with a powerful backed to manage your categories and menu. You can add and manage unlimited pizza and sides categories in the ordering system. You can configure the system with different pizza categories and toppings. You can also manage pricing for each categories and make combo packages from the admin module .

Manage you pizza store

Use PIzzasw to manage multiple stores under your brand. Give your customer unique experience across all your stores.

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Cloud based


Promotional codes


Kitchen order Management


product customisation


Payment gateways responsive design


Business intelligence

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