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Our solutions for eCommerce & mCommerce increase customer reach and grow business revenue. We have developed a wide array of shopping portals, aggregate sites, and multi-vendor platforms for various business verticals. Our expert team comprises top web designers and developers who specialize in consulting, site design, development, marketing, system integration and support. We are Melbourne’s leading eCommerce development company, we help B2B & B2C clients drive their customers’ satisfaction, expand their audiences and boost sales.

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Use PixoSoft ecommerce solutions

Add products and you’re ready to start accepting orders.


We host your solution in cloudwhich eliminates the costs of maintaining, monitoring and hosting an eCommerce solution yourself, thereby reducing your total cost of ownership. A monthly subscription fee gives you a solution you can budget for.


Our e commerce is scalable as your business grow. When you get growth your site traffic increases, and as you grow to multiple stores, brands, channels or product configurations.

Unlimited Categories & Products

Sell unlimited products. Create unlimited categories and subcategories and assign products to them.

Business intelligence

Get all your important information available in a dasboard. Get a full overview of what is important with total orders, sales, customers, people onlineand sales analytics in your dashboard.


Manage multiple stores from one admin interface. Set products to appear on different stores. Choose a different theme for each store. Localize store settings. Set per store product prices.


Your site will be fully responsive , which means your site will look awesome on mobile, tablet, desktop or any device you use .

fast & effective

E-Commerce Solution

Pixosoft e-commerce website solutions are designed to promote your brand and sell your product and services. We are a top-rated e-commerce solution provider in Melbourne, Australia. Our unique designs and our e-commerce software solutions deliver an optimal shopping experience for targeted prospects. Shoppers using a desktop or mobile devices expect a seamless, online shopping experience.

Our solutions create fast, easy browsing and simple ordering and checkout process. We work very closely with our clients to understand each and every requirement well, irrespective of it being major or a minor one.


Multi-Store/Multi-Vendor eCommerce Website

Manage multiple stores from one admin interface. Set products to appear on different stores. Choose a different theme for each store. Localize store settings. Set per store product prices.

Multi-vendor eCommerce website allows merchants to register with the eCommerce website and add to the inventory his own line of products, displaying the same in different sections. Where the vendors can control the sale price and manage delivery.


E commerce or
Mobile Commerce?

Payment Gateways
Truly Connected

Shopping Experience

Shopping has evolved from a simple decision about a purchase to a complete journey, and there are many ways in which an e-commerce solution such as connected commerce can be subtly woven throughout this voyage to provide a unique and brand-defining customer experience.

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Our E-Commerce Features

Our e-commerce solution provided Product Management, Scalable Extensibility, Featured Products, Add on Apps, Inventory Management, Store Setup, Ease ongoing Management

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Fast & Effective Shopping Cart

We have solutions with Open cart, Drupal Commerce, osCommerce, Magento, X-Cart and custom-built shopping cart applications. From our experience designing dozens of E-Commerce stores, we generally recommend open source or proprietary shopping cart software

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Custom Integration With Your Existing Software

We can integrate our e-commerce solutions with your Accounting, Business Management, CRM, Inventory Management and software solutions

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Safe and Secure

Secure Websites Security and privacy breaches often damage the company's reputation. Breaches also affect your server's operation and may lead to significant business losses. We take security as a priority and will get your E-Commerce security needs covered

Website Design Pricing Managed Website Pricing

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Benefits of e commerce solutions

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Fast Go-to-Market Time

You can get off the ground quickly with eCommerce solutions, especially if you’ve already created word of mouth or a social following to tap into. You can quickly get a site up and running and then drive traffic to your new site.

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Low Cost

When you’re first starting out, eCommerce allows you to avoid many of the large, upfront investments that traditional retail can incur – like a physical storefront, inventory, or payroll. With an online store, you can sequentially build out your business as your sales grow.

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Shoppers Start Online

Even if they end up buying from a physical store, shoppers are more likely to start their search online, especially on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.The only way to ensure potential shoppers find your products is to have an online presence.

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Customer Data Insights

One advantage of online selling you might not have thought of is how easy it makes it to collect, measure, and act on customer data. Online selling lets you collect first-hand data by tracking customer interactions.

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Reach New Customers

Unlike brick and mortar, online channels aren’t limited to who can physically visit your store. Whether you’re just starting out or an existing seller, you can reach someone online that you couldn’t before.

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Content Marketing Strategy

An online presence allows you to provide more information about your products and services to your customers. Key product content includes in-depth product descriptions, product comparisons, in-store inventory availability, and pricing. This information helps a customer make their purchasing decision both in-store or online.

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Serve Niche Markets

eCommerce makes serving niche markets even easier. It can be hard for that rare coin collector to find a seller. However, the ease and breadth of the internet makes that search easier. If you serve a niche market, you might find it easier to distribute your products online.

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Meet Customers Where They Want to Buy

eCommerce makes even it easier for shoppers to hit that buy button, no matter where they are. Shoppers can complete purchases from Instagram Ads, mobile apps in-store, and more.If most of your customers shop online, then you should be selling online! eCommerce allows you to meet the shopping expectations of your customers.

Technologies we use

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Administrator Dashboard
Start to end

Administrator Dashboard

Business intelligence is key to any business success. Our ecommerce platforms come with an integrated dashboard. All the important information available at a glimpse. Get a full overview of what is important with total orders, sales, customers, people online and sales analytics.

Payment Gateways

We will integrate any payment gateway our customer demands. Our integration team will work with you to get this integrated to your ecommerce website site.

Payment Gateways
Administrator Dashboard

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