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Custom Software Development Company – Automate your business process

We are a software development company in Melbourne. We develop custom Software solutions tailored to your specific business needs across various industry domains. We have a dedicated team of skilled professionals who is committed in developing innovative solutions specific for your industry.

Align your business strategy with your software development initiatives to solve complex business process and constrained related to your business. Our industry domain experience and technical skills in developing custom software will accelerate your growth, productivity and customer satisfaction in your industry.

Built for your business

No software fits all business. When it comes to meeting all your unique business requirements, it’s not always possible to find off-the-shelf software that checks all the boxes. Whether it’s designing and building new software from the ground up, modernizing or converging existing solutions, we can help you develop a custom software solution that meets your specific needs.If you are serious about developing a tool that will be reliable and robust, then Pixosoft is the software development partner for your next project.

Our diverse software Development services - Predictable. Measurable. Agile

We solve your complex problems and streamline your business processes using software’s. Our Software development team adept at working across various industry verticals and takes innovative approach and custom software development know-hows to make your project succeed and accelerate time to market.


Software consulting

Our software experts will evaluate, analyze, explore, and provide you with wide range of solutions.

Custom software development

Our technical team is experienced in developing custom software solutions for various domain verticals .

Software integration

We provide you with data integration, reliable API, and microservices to improve your software.

Maintenance & support

We provide 24*7 maintenance & support service for all our clients to resolve all the issues in real-time.

Software ux/ui design

We take pride in our UX/UI designs for our software’s. Keeping customers in minds our design team takes efforts in developing user centric designs for our custom build software’s. We build digital experiences that are intuitive for your users while meeting your business goals. Our UX/UI design process includes user research, creating user journeys, prototyping, interface and interaction design, testing and user experience optimization. Our design goals and efforts makes your custom software look and functionally easy to use for your customers .

Why choose Custom software

You are building software to optimise your current process which is already tested and you know the issues facing your business. With custom software you solve the pain points by using technology to automate or solve it. Custom software offers many advantages including cost, which is often more economical in the long term. You own the software outright—it’s your intellectual property (IP) and your asset. Custom software helps to optimise business process and productivity which helps to accelerate your growth

Looking to develop a robust software development solution?

Pixosoft has developers that are subject matter experts of their respective technologies. They leverage their experience and expertise to deliver top-notch software development solution.

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Our Agile Software Development Process

Our software development company utilizes agile & DevOps enabled process to ensure timely delivery of bug free application as per your specific business requirements. At each stage of software development process, we keep clients in loop to ensure the project is going as per their specific requirements.

Process Puts Clients First

Process has been integral to our success as a company. It’s a way of making sure that we meet our clients’ expectations, in terms of the systems we develop for them and also in terms of cost, timing and open/honest project communications.

More Communication. Less Confusion

Communication is important in our industry and we strive to involve our clients in all stages of a project so that they can make informed decisions. Our project management process helps ensure that the right people care about the right things at the right times through the course of each project.

Flexible Best Practices

Whitecap has established best practices for our work, involving project management, requirements analysis, system design and development. We willingly adapt these practices to each client’s unique needs.